The Top 5 Car Shipping Companies To Use This Summer

Car Shipping Companies

Summer is a time when families reunite and everyone heads out for a long vacation. Unfortunately, for many people this means leaving their cars behind. Fortunately, there are plenty of car shipping companies that will take care of moving your car for you. In this post, we’ll list the top five car shipping companies to use this summer.


The Top 3 Car Shipping Companies


When you’re looking to move a car this summer, there are three top car shipping companies to consider. PODS is the most well-known and popular option, but truck shipping can be cheaper depending on the weight of your vehicle. United Van Lines is another good option if you’re looking for a more personalized experience. Finally, Ryder also offers competitive rates for car shipping.

To choose the best car shipping company for you, consider these factors: price, speed, and convenience.

PODS is the most affordable and fast option out there. Their rates start at $29 for a small vehicle and go up to $499 for a heavy truck. You can also opt for their FlexPack service which lets you pack and ship your car without having to leave your house.

United Van Lines is another good choice if you’re looking for more personalized service. They’ll take care of loading and unloading your car, as well as providing insurance (most companies only provide liability insurance). Their rates start at $59 per load and go up to $999 per load.

Ryder is the cheapest option overall, but their rates aren’t as good as United Van Lines or PODS. They only offer flat rate prices which means that the price depends on the weight of your vehicle. However, they do offer a convenient online booking system which makes it easy to get started.


The Top 3 Car Shipping Services


Summer is a great time to travel, but it can be a hassle to get your car all the way to your destination. Here are three car shipping services that will make getting your vehicle there a breeze.

1. Auto Transport Express: This company offers cheap rates and free delivery on most orders over $500. They also have a wide range of transportation options, including truck, van, and cargo plane.

2. GoAuto: This company is known for providing fast and reliable delivery times. They also offer a variety of shipping options, including ground transportation, air cargo, and overnight shipping.

3. U-Pack: This company is known for its quick and efficient delivery times. They offer a range of shipping options, including ground transportation, air cargo, and overnight shipping.


The Best Time of Year to Ship a Car


Summertime is the perfect time to ship a car. Not only are there less people on the roads, but the weather is usually hot and dry. This means that your car will be in better condition when it arrives at its new destination. Additionally, many shipping companies offer discounted rates during the summer months. So why wait? Grab yourself a travel mug of iced coffee, pull up a comfortable chair, and get ready to ship your car this summer!


How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car?


Shipping a car can be a costly affair, but there are several reputable companies that will help you get your vehicle to its new home without breaking the bank. Here are four of the top car shipping companies to use this summer:

1. UPS

UPS is known for being reliable and affordable, which makes it a great option for those looking for a simple, no-frills experience. The company offers both ground and air shipping, and typically charges between $125 and $175 for a standard pickup and delivery.

2. FedEx

FedEx is another reliable option when it comes to car shipping. The company offers multiple options, including ground and air transportation as well as overnight delivery. Prices start at around $175, but can range up to $300 for more expedited services.

3. DHL Global Mail

DHL Global Mail is known for being one of the fastest and most efficient carriers when it comes to international shipments. The company offers several different shipping options, including ground and air transportation as well as express delivery. Prices start at around $130 per shipment, but can rise up to $400 if you opt for premium service levels.


What are the Different Types of Car Shipping?

There are several different types of car shipping companies that drivers can use to get their vehicles from one place to another. Each type of shipping has its own benefits and drawbacks, so drivers need to choose the company that best suits their needs.

There are three main types of car shipping: ground shipping, air freight, and ocean freight.

Ground shipping is the most common type of shipping, and it involves taking a vehicle from its original location to the car carrier’s facility. This method is affordable and fast, but it can be less reliable than other types of shipping.

Air freight is more expensive than ground shipping, but it’s faster and more reliable. Air freight can also be used to transport vehicles between two points in the same country or across international borders.

Ocean freight is the most expensive type of car shipping, but it’s also the most reliable. Ocean freight usually takes longer than air or ground shipping, but it’s considered the gold standard for transporting vehicles because it has a very low chance of being damaged during transit.


What are the Different Types of Carriers?


There are a variety of different carriers that offer shipping services throughout the summer. Some of the most popular carriers include U.S. Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx. Each carrier has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs.

U.S. Postal Service is by far the cheapest option for domestic shipping, but it doesn’t offer the same level of service as some of the other carriers. UPS and FedEx are both more expensive than U.S. Postal Service, but they both offer better service overall.

One important factor to consider when selecting a carrier is how quickly your order will be delivered. U.S. Postal Service typically takes about two weeks to deliver orders, while UPS and FedEx can delivery orders within just a few days.



If you’re looking to get your car shipped this summer, here are the top five shipping companies to consider. Each company offers different services and rates, so it’s important to compare all of them before making a decision. Thanks for reading!