Can I Ship a 35 ft Sportfishing Boat – Yes, Here’s How!

Can I Ship a 35 ft Sportfishing Boat - Yes, Here’s How!

Shipping a 35 ft sportfishing boat, or any large vessel for that matter, can seem as daunting as catching a Marlin in the rough seas.

But with careful planning and understanding, you’ll realize it’s just a matter of knowing your way around the industry, much like navigating through a choppy ocean with your fishing gear.

Choosing the Right Sportfishing Boat Transport Method: Picking The Right Bait For The Big Catch

Your first task is identifying the most suitable transport method. Without surprise, the transport options fall into two primary categories:

  1. Roll-on/roll-off (RoRo)
  2. Lift-on/lift-off (LoLo)

RoRo operations involve securely lashing the boat to a trailer and transporting it via a specialized vessel, similar to a mobile marina. This method is ideal for shorter journeys and more manageable boat sizes, with prices averaging roughly $1.35 per mile.

On the flip side, using cranes, the LoLo method hoists the boat onto the cargo ship, providing a snug fit into custom-made cradles. It’s best suited for larger vessels or international transport. While this method offers enhanced security, the cost can skyrocket to an average of $20,000 for international routes.

Sportfishing Boat

Preparation and Inspection: Checking Your Tackles Before Casting The Line

Thorough inspection and preparation are as vital as choosing the correct bait. Scrutinize the boat for any pre-existing damages, and document these findings with photographs. These might prove crucial during the post-transportation inspection.

Remember to secure all loose items, such as accessories, gears, and electronics. A simple way to prevent damage is to remove and pack these objects separately. Another essential step is to drain all fluids to avoid potential contamination during transport, as the EPA notes that a single quart of oil could contaminate up to 2 million gallons of fresh water.

Transport Challenges and Solutions: Navigating Through Rough Weather

At 35 ft, your sportfishing boat is considered an oversized load, which brings a tidal wave of challenges, such as

Bridge and Tunnel Clearances:

The average height clearance for bridges and tunnels in the U.S is around 14-16 feet. Ensuring the boat’s height, including transport equipment, falls within these restrictions is necessary.

Road Regulations for Sportfishing Boat:

Each state has detailed regulations about oversized transport. In California, the maximum height of an oversized vehicle should not exceed 14 feet, while in Texas, this extends to 18.5 feet.

Specialized Equipment:

Lifting a 35 ft boat requires machinery like cranes and hoists. In 2019, heavy-duty trailers equipped to carry oversized loads generated over $6.5 billion in revenue, testifying to the booming demand.

Route Planning for Sportfishing Boat: Charting The Course

Identifying wide and straight roads is paramount. Ideally, your route should avoid small city streets or densely populated areas. This helps prevent disruption and avoids potential damage to the boat or infrastructure.

Transport companies with specialized knowledge of your locale and state-specific restrictions can provide invaluable insights and recommendations on the best routes.

Cost Analysis: The Price Tag of The Big Catch

Transporting a 35 ft boat isn’t an inexpensive affair. The total cost involves the transportation fee, permit costs, and potential charges for escorts and storage.

For a 35 ft vessel, transport costs alone could range from $3,000 to $12,000, depending on distance and method.

Additional costs like permits can add 5-10% to your overall expenses. In Texas, for instance, the price tag for a single trip permit for an oversized load is $120.

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The Journey Is Worth The Destination

Shipping a 35 ft sportfishing boat is a labyrinthine process akin to grappling with a stubborn fish. The intricacies demand professional assistance, extensive planning, and a thorough understanding of state regulations and transport methods.

Sure, it can be challenging, but preparing correctly can turn this seemingly daunting task into smooth sailing. Or, as an old salt might say, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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