A Comprehensive Guide To Shipping Your Motorcycle Internationally

Shipping Your Motorcycle Internationally

Whether you’re moving abroad permanently or just taking an extended international trip, shipping your motorcycle overseas is a viable option. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire process from start to finish, covering all the important factors to consider and steps to take to get your beloved bike safely to its destination Shipping Your Motorcycle Internationally.

Preparing Your Motorcycle for Transport

Proper preparation is key to ensuring your motorcycle arrives in the same condition it left in. Perform a thorough inspection and any necessary repairs before shipping. Drain all fluids like gas, oil, coolant and brake fluid. Remove accessories that could come loose like mirrors, license plates and panniers. Tighten all nuts, bolts and fasteners. Inflate tires to the proper pressure.

Consider wrapping components susceptible to scratches or dings, like handlebars, levers and exhaust pipes, in protective wrap. Pad areas that could rub, like footpegs. Secure any loose pieces, such as batteries, in the frame with bubble wrap or padding for protection. Apply protective plastic or tape over protrusions like mirrors and turn signals to avoid breakage.

Shipping Your Motorcycle Internationally – Choosing a Shipping Method

There are a few primary methods for transporting a motorcycle overseas:

Shipping Method Description
Container Shipping Your motorcycle is loaded into a cargo container that is then shipped via freighter. The most economical option but the longest transit time, usually 4-6 weeks.
RoRo Shipping Your bike rides aboard a specialized Roll-on/Roll-off vessel. A bit faster than containers at 2-4 weeks travel.
Air Freight For the fastest delivery within 5-7 days but also the most expensive, your bike is flown as air cargo on a cargo plane.

Factors like cost, delivery timeframe, and specific origin and destination ports should inform your selection. Research shipping line schedules and compare pricing from multiple carriers.

Booking and Shipping Logistics

Now it’s time to actually book your shipment. Work with a licensed and reputable freight forwarder to handle all the export/import paperwork and logistics. They will coordinate pickup, delivery and provide you vital shipment tracking information.

The forwarder will supply you with customs forms to complete accurately detailing your motorcycle’s specifications, value and commodity being transported. Importantly, arrange insurance for your bike’s full declared value which the forwarder can facilitate. This is compulsory for international shipments.

On the arranged pickup date, a driver will transport your securely packaged bike on a carrier. Confirm securing methods used like straps, padding or a shipping crate. Receive copies of all documentation for your booked shipment including the master bill of lading.

Shipping Your Motorcycle Internationally – Clearing Customs and Taking Delivery

Use your online shipment tracking portal or contact the forwarder for status updates. Once cleared through customs, they will arrange delivery. Have local contact and payment details ready to receive the courier. Inspect your motorcycle thoroughly and note any issues immediately on the delivery receipt.

Don’t forget to comply with your destination country’s vehicle importation procedures and requirements which can mandate inspections or title transfers. Your forwarder can guide you on these complexities.

With diligent planning and choosing a trustworthy shipping partner, you can get your motorcycle delivered overseas securely and on schedule. International relocation by motorcycle is now highly possible. Safe travels!