Car Shipping Cost from San Francisco, CA to Seattle, WA

Car Shipping Cost

Shipping a car from one city to another can be a costly endeavor Car Shipping Cost. This article will break down the various factors that determine car shipping costs from San Francisco, CA to Seattle, WA such as distance, carrier type, vehicle features, and more.

By understanding these specifics, car owners can better estimate shipping fees and choose the most affordable option for their needs and budget.

Distance Between Origins and Destination

The distance between San Francisco and Seattle is approximately 750 miles when driving along the I-5 corridor. The further the travel distance, the higher the shipping costs tend to be.

Most car shipping companies calculate rates based partially on mileage so the nearly 800 mile journey in this case means owners should expect costs to be on the higher end of average.

Type of Carrier Used for Transport

There are a few different methods for shipping a vehicle between cities – enclosed auto transport, open auto transport and rental trucks.

  • Enclosed transport keeps the vehicle fully enclosed in a protected trailer for the entire trip. This option tends to be the most expensive but offers the greatest security and weather protection.
  • Open transport has vehicles stacked on top of each other and exposed to elements like rain and debris. It is generally the most budget-friendly choice.
  • Rental trucks allow driving the vehicle yourself but require renting, fueling, insuring and potentially lodging along the route.
Carrier Type Level of Enclosure Average Cost from SF to Seattle
Enclosed Transport Fully Enclosed $800-900
Open Transport Exposed on Trailer $600-700
Rental Truck Self-Driven $300-400 + Expenses

Type and Features of Vehicle Being Shipped

Larger, heavier vehicles typically result in higher shipping costs. Some factors that contribute to the rate include vehicle size, weight, value and special features. Full-size trucks, SUVs, luxury vehicles and electric cars usually have elevated prices versus compact sedans.

Additional amenities like 4-wheel drive also attribute to a slightly higher bill. The vehicle’s condition can play a role too – those in excellent showroom shape may cost a bit more to transport carefully versus weathered, older cars.

Car Shipping Cost – Reputable Company and Positive Reviews

When trying to locate the most reasonably priced auto transport company possible, it’s important to examine more than just initial price estimates. Going through a highly reputable business with an excellent rating and many positive online reviews could potentially save frustration and money down the road.

Complaints of damages, late deliveries and unprofessional service may indicate a riskier choice. The tradeoff of spending just a bit more upfront versus the cost of corrections from issues could outweigh short term savings. It’s wise to thoroughly check company credentials and standing before providing them with a valuable vehicle and shipment.

Additional Services and Fees

Car shipping costs will vary depending on added value services selected. Basic door-to-door service entails picking the vehicle up from a residential address in one city and delivering to another residence across state lines.

But options like expedited transit times, guaranteed delivery dates, enclosed storage facilities and liftgate services invoke surcharges.

Pre-purchase inspections, enclosed car haulers, special requests and remote pick-up/drop-off points also augment the bill. Understanding what’s included freely versus extra charges lets owners better forecast a final projected budget.

Seasonal Demand and Weather Impacts

Like air travel and moving costs, auto transport pricing will fluctuate based on seasonal demand patterns. Summer months when driving vacations are common and families relocate for school years generally equal elevated rates.

Harsh winter weather and natural disasters can disrupt operations too, bumping up prices industry-wide until the weather clears.

Negotiating transport plans for spring or fall is one strategy to possibly save a little versus peak summer season. Of course, schedules and timelines must still allow enough slack for uncertainties.

Car Shipping Cost – Comparing Multiple Quotes

The best way to find fairly priced car shipping is to request estimates from three or more reputable companies. Websites that generate instant online quotes let owners get a preliminary sense of average costs for their route and vehicle.

But speaking to live representatives by phone usually results in the most accurate assessment of special circumstances and potential applicable discounts.

Comparing fully transparent quotes line-by-line between high caliber businesses identifies the most cost-savvy option meeting expectations. Reputations, additional services and potential for worst-case problems factor into the ultimate choice.

Potential for Savings and Discounts

Like many other service industries, periods of decreased demand may enable auto transport companies to offer modest discounts on standard rates. But asking tactfully about promotions, package deals, AAA/AARP/military/ongoing customer reductions or even last minute availability specials doesn’t hurt.

Multi-car shipments traveling together could qualify for small quantity discounts too. Unless urgent, avoiding holiday transportation times saves the most versus peak-period rate increases. Overall diligent shopping around helps lower costs while still selecting from trustworthy professionals for this important vehicle delivery task.

Car Shipping Cost – Parting Words:

Shipping a car between San Francisco and Seattle can realistically be estimated between $800-1500 depending mainly on carrier type, vehicle features and time of year.

But also considering additional company specifics like qualifications, customer care, applicable deals or multi-quote comparisons helps pinpoint a superior provider balanced for cost, service and trustworthiness throughout the transportation process. Thorough preparation pays off to make this vehicle relocation experience go smoothly on budgets.