Exploring the Cost of Shipping a Car by Train: Factors to Consider for a Budget-Friendly Transport Solution

how much is it to ship a car by train

Ever wondered how much it would cost to ship a car by train? Well, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’re going to explore the factors that can influence the cost of shipping a car by train and provide valuable tips on how to save money along the way. Shipping your vehicle by train is not only an efficient and eco-friendly option, but it can also be budget-friendly if you know what to consider. So buckle up as we dive into the world of car transportation on rails!

Factors to Consider When Shipping a Car by Train

When it comes to shipping your car by train, there are several factors you need to consider. First and foremost is the distance of the journey. The longer the distance, the higher the cost is likely to be. Additionally, you’ll want to think about any additional services or options you may require during transit.

Another important factor is the condition of your vehicle. If your car has any special requirements for transport, such as being oversized or modified in some way, this could affect both the cost and availability of train transport options.

Timing is also an essential consideration when shipping a car by train. You’ll want to plan ahead and make sure that you book your transportation well in advance, especially if you have specific dates or deadlines in mind.

It’s crucial to research different rail companies and their reputations before making a decision. Look for carriers with experience in transporting vehicles and positive customer reviews.

By taking these factors into account, you can ensure that shipping your car by train is a smooth and budget-friendly process!

Cost-Saving Tips for Shipping a Car by Train

When it comes to shipping a car by train, there are several factors that can affect the cost. However, with some careful planning and consideration, you can save money on this transport solution. Here are some cost-saving tips to keep in mind:

1. Research Different Train Companies: Take the time to research and compare different train companies that offer car shipping services. Look for reviews, ask for recommendations from friends or family, and consider their reputation and reliability. By choosing a reputable company at a competitive price, you can ensure quality service without breaking the bank.

2. Opt for Terminal-to-Terminal Service: Instead of opting for door-to-door service, where your car is picked up from your location and delivered directly to its destination, consider terminal-to-terminal service instead. This means dropping off your vehicle at a designated terminal and picking it up from another terminal near your destination. While it may require additional logistics on your part, this option is often more budget-friendly.

3. Ship During Off-Peak Seasons: Just like any other industry, the demand for car shipping services fluctuates throughout the year. If possible, try to schedule your car shipment during off-peak seasons when demand is lower. Not only will this increase the chances of getting better rates, but it will also reduce potential delays due to high volume.

4. Secure Multiple Quotes: Don’t settle for the first quote you receive! Shop around and secure multiple quotes from different train companies before making a decision. This way, you can compare prices and negotiate if necessary.


1. Cheaper than shipping a car by truck or plane
2. Faster than driving the car yourself
3. Easier to track the car’s progress
4. Environmentally friendly


1. Limited routes available
2. Longer transit times than other shipping methods
3. Increased risk of theft or damage due to loading and unloading process
4. Costs associated with pre- and post-shipment preparation


1. How much does it cost to ship a car by train?

Answer: The cost to ship a car by train varies depending on factors such as the distance, size of the car, and the time of year. Generally, it can range from $500-$2,000.

2. How long does it take to ship a car by train?

Answer: The amount of time it takes to ship a car by train depends on the distance and route of the shipment, but it typically takes between 2-7 days for the car to reach its destination.

3. What type of vehicles can be shipped by train?

Answer: Most types of standard passenger vehicles can be shipped by train, including cars, SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks.

4. Are there any special requirements for shipping a car by train?

Answer: Yes, some railroads may require that the car is emptied of all personal items and has functioning brakes. Additionally, the vehicle must meet weight and size guidelines.

5. Do I need to provide insurance for my car when shipping by train?

Answer: Yes, you will need to provide proof of insurance coveraage in order to ship your car by train.


1. Cost: The cost to ship a car by train typically ranges from $600 to over $1000 depending on the size and weight of the vehicle, the distance it needs to travel, and the type of train used.

2. Time: The average transit time for a car shipped by train is usually between 2 to 5 days.

3. Insurance: Insurance is typically included in the cost of shipping a car by train.

4. Packing: Professional packers may be necessary when shipping a car by train, as packing and securing a vehicle for shipment can be a difficult process.

5. Documentation: Documentation such as a bill of lading, insurance certificate, and other paperwork may be required for shipping a car by train.