Cost Effective Ways to Move Cross Country

Move Cross Country

Moving to a new home across the country can be both exciting and stressful. While a cross country relocation provides a fresh start and new opportunities, the high costs associated with a long distance move often cause financial strain. This article explores several affordable options for transporting your belongings over long distances.

By understanding the various cost-effective methods available and getting quotes from reputable moving companies, you can minimize expenses and make your cross country move more manageable.

Rent a Moving Truck Yourself

One of the most budget-friendly ways to move cross country is by renting a truck and driving it yourself. Renting a truck from major moving companies like U-Haul or Budget Truck Rental allows you to transport your possessions at your own pace without paying professional movers to complete the drive for you.

Be sure to factor in expenses for gas, food during your driving days, and possibly hiring help to load and unload the truck.

Research rental truck sizes, estimate how many loads you’ll need based on the volume of your items, and reserve your rental 2-3 months in advance for the best vehicle availability and rates. Properly packing your belongings yourself and safely securing them for the journey can significantly reduce potential damage claims.

Ship Goods Through a Moving Company

Full-service moving companies offer both long distance moving trucks as well as shipment of your household goods through their networks.

This hybrid option allows you to hand off packing and transport duties while retaining more control over your schedule compared to an all-inclusive moving service. Moving companies will pack your items, load them onto a truck, and ship via road or rail while you are free to drive yourself or fly ahead.

Ask for estimated shipping rates based on weight or number of boxes/articles to ship. Inquire about insurance coverage for lost or damaged goods as well as tracking abilities during transit. Be prepared for fees to pack and unpack on each end in addition to per-item transportation costs.

Drive with a Pod or Moving Container

Type Description
Moving Pod Large storage container delivered to your location that you pack and seal yourself, then the company picks up and transports. Pods travel on flatbed trucks between destinations.
Shipping Container Similar to a pod but larger in size. Often shares space on freight trains or cargo ships for transcontinental relocation.

For a self-guided moving option that requires less physical labor than a rental truck, renting a moving pod is a smart choice.

Major pod rental businesses like PODS and U-Pack deliver an empty storage unit weeks before your move date. You then have time to carefully pack and fill the pod before it is picked up and delivered to your new home.

Pods offer security compared to open truck rentals since your items are sealed during transport. Drawbacks include per-day rental fees as well as loading/unloading assistance charges if needed.

Move Cross Country – Hire a Moving Company

Many full-service moving companies provide long-distance relocation services, allowing homeowners to hand over all packing, loading, transport, and unloading responsibilities.

Professional movers will come to your current home, pack up your belongings, drive a truck of possessions to the new location, and unpack boxes. While this choice involves the highest costs, it removes stress from DIY planning and physical labor.

Get binding estimates from reputable national brands as well as local moving companies near both your departure and destination points. Ask about valuables insurance, time in transit, and any additional fees upfront before committing.

Move Incrementally over Time

For budget-conscious individuals or families, consider spreading out your move over several trips. Transport some possessions using cheap surface shipping methods like parcel services while gradually making the drive yourself with a small U-Haul rental over multiple weekends.

Stay with friends or family, use furnished short-term corporate housing, or rent temporary housing at your new location. While your bigger items travel separately. This staged relocation approach allows you to avoid high rental truck fees and moving company estimates, though it will stretch the process out longer overall.

Move Cross Country – Parting Words:

Relocating between states is challenging but managing costs can make the end result more attainable. By exploring self-drive options first before getting full-service moving quotes, budgeting your long-distance move becomes more realistic.

Factors like rental periods, insured value coverage, and transport schedules all require careful evaluation between companies. With advance planning and comparing transportation alternatives, homeowners can minimize out-of-pocket expenses for an affordable cross country relocation.